Wednesday, August 31, 2005

4th Annual Native Hawaiian Conference

4th Annual Native Hawaiian Conference Banner

Attending the Native Hawaiian Conference
Meeting Room of Sheraton Waikiki

We had a good lunch

E Ho Mai
E ho mai ka íke luna mai e
O na mea huna noéau o no mele e
E ho mai, e ho mai, e ho mai e

We learned the song of the Hawaiian Na Oli

Thomas Kaulukukui
Chairman of Queen Lili'uokalani

I found that everybody respects on him. His speech was inspiring. How to build a strong native Hawaiian. His speech was about the leadership. How to stand for struggle instead of running away even if we know we lost the battle. It appeared the dissatisfaction of the Hawaiian over the federal state's policy. I didn't know him much but my impression on him was good.
Photo Session
Hye-Sung (Korea), Duman (Indonesia), Miwa (Japan)
Chamroen (Cambodia), Erin (USA)
Chamroen at the front gate of
Univesity of Hawii at Manoa
Miwa (Japan) Sun Jie (China)
Mai (Laos)
Kitty (HK) & Josh (US)
Su Youn (Korea)
Su Youn... What're you look at?
....._ _ _.....


Leadership Class
Koi Room EWC

I like this class and the rooms. It was beuatiful and interactive. It's not boring. Dr. Nick gave lecture for the leadership.



Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Already a Week

August 30,
12:40 in the morning
Takes long since the last posting about the China – Japan Relation. For the whole week, I think we are getting better to know each other APLP Fellow. The materials were little by little could be grasped as well. I need to read more anyway. It just took me much time for the preparation this morning’s presentation about Peaceful Conflict Resolution; A Case of Czechoslovakia. I’ll post the presentation materials here. We were 5 to present the materials this morning and I like it except that I didn’t use the power point for the presentation. I thought my time was very short and it would be just efficient if I talked to the audience. And yes, it was right. I enjoyed the presentation. Adriana had a presentation about Confucianism, Sheena talked about East Timor Independence as a turning point of the country, Nilusha talked about Child Protection in Sri Lanka after the tsunami and Charity talked about micro economics. The whole topics were interesting.

I went to library today trying games room and I played pool. It was a good table. The price per hour was 3 bucks. Hmm.. but it was fun. I like the table.

Getting home, trying to figuring out things in my mind and seems like something wrong. I went to attend the very inspiring presentation of S. Coleman about Servant Leadership. I like this. It talked about the leader who serves and the leader who follow the follower before he/she leads them. How to serve. That’s all. It was great. Then there was a video show of Father Damien entitled Simple courage. That’s was a good film how Father Damien dedicated himself for the leoparcy in Molokai in which we are going to visit this Thursday. It was fabulous and it connects to the HIV/AIDS situation at the moment I think the producer, Stephanie Castillo who gave a brief presentation about the video, is on great job doing that. Yeah, I like it. Except that the video is long and more about story telling. I think it would be greater if she just cut the video shorter and makes it in a movie story. Take an example about Soe Hok Gie which was formed in a story. It really likes a movie in. The transcript of Gie was just about the daily diary he wrote when he was an activist. If the simple courage was made in a story board thing it will be more interesting and not get bored.

Then, wow this wonderful thing. I was hungry, really. And then Adriana sitting next to me and I would like to have a dinner. And yeah, she is just more than good, man. And I had dinner with her. She had had dinner anyway and she cooked me noodle with bread and sauce. Hmmm no matter what it was just delicious.. More delicious than the food I ever have cooked by chef. LoL. But it was hmmm great.. yeah… great man.. well.. yeah.. greatttttttttt.. how to say abt it?... it was just great and perfect.

Went to the burns gathering the files from my staffs and printed them out so I can analyze it. This work disturbs me a while too. But that’s fine. That’s the part of my job. I have to do it. That’s the consequence when I am away from home and as the servant for the people we work for. Yeah, that’s it man.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution; A Case of Czechoslovakia

Peaceful Conflict Resolution
An introduction about Slovak Republic

The conflict between one and another country and within one country very often ends with the sacrifice of human being. The First World War and Second World War are the most common quoted as an example of how nations ended its conflict through arms conflict. History recorded that thousands and thousands even millions innocent died and suffered from the wars.

This presentation is intended to present an example of peaceful conflict resolution within a country whose former name was Czechoslovakia. How they solved the conflict is interesting as it can be a model or an example for the countries with internal conflict. This presentation is not based on the detailed research and that is why it needs to be criticized.

The unification of Slovaks and Czechs was most fostered by the awareness of the Slovaks that they needed an ally for their struggle against Hungary Empire. On 28 October 1918 during the World War I, Slovaks declared its independence from Hungary Empire and joined with the Czech establishing the country of Czechoslovakia. A Parliamentary democratic government then was formed and the capital of the country was Prague.

Soon after the independence of the country, the fact was Slovaks and Czech had huge dereferences. Slovaks’ economy was more agrarian and less developed than Czech. The majority of Slovaks were practicing Catholics while Czech leaders limited the power of the church. Slovaks in comparison with Czechs were less education and experiences for self-government. This disparities cause the centralization of the government in Prague in which most Czechs received benefits and developed a structure of government dominated by the Czechs. The slump of economy in 1930s increased the dissatisfaction among Slovaks and this conditioned supported the growing of nationalist movement. Father Andrej Hlinka was the frontier to call equality between Czechs and Slovaks.

The rise of Nazi Germany in 1930s led the end of the Czechoslovak federation. Fearing that the federal government would not be able to protect Slovak interests, Slovak leaders founded an autonomous provincial government and approved a new constitution creating a short-lived of the Czechoslovakia Republic. And then, Slovaks withdrew from the federation and declare its own independence on March 14, 1939 and Father Tiso was chosen as head of the government.

With independence, the Germans occupied Slovakia with Tiso’s support on August 1939 and the country entered World War II as German’s ally. An underground resistance movement got supported from Slovaks and organized Slovak National Uprising against German control. In 1945 when the Second World War II ended the republic of Czechoslovakia was revived with support of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Between 1945 and 1948 Communist Party and other political party ruled the country in a coalition government. The influence of communist party became the only effective party in Czechoslovakia. In August 21, 1968 USSR invaded Czechoslovakia to avoid the reform of the communist system in the country led by Alexander Dubcek. However, in January 1969 a new socialist federal republic was established granting Czech and Slovak Republics autonomy over local affairs. During 1970s and 1980s, both in Czech and Slovakia struggle movement aroused against USSR.

The revolts against communist government in 1989 swept through eastern European encouraged Slovaks and Czechs in mass protests against the communist government within the country. The communist government resigned and non-communist took control over the country. The free election then held in June 1990 won by PAV (Public Against Violence) in Slovak and Vaclas Havel in Czech. Havel and Marian Calfa became President and Vice President. The government was led by Vladimir Meciar.

But the problems did not soon resolve. The problem of economy, policy reformation and the power distribution between federal and republic level caused tensions among the two regions. The dispute made the reform process complicated and prevented the adoption of a new federal constitution. The result of June 1992 elections showed the growing split between the two Czechs and Slovaks. Vladimir Meciar became prime minister in Slovak and Vaclav Klaus became Prime Minister in Czech. Those two parties won the two largest representations in parliament. Disagreements were intensified and there was no form of federal government could satisfy both. In July 1992, Slovakia declared itself as a sovereign state meaning that its law took superiority over those of federal government’s. In November 1992, federal parliament voted to separate the country officially on December 31 despite polls indicating that the majority of the people opposed the split. In January 1993, Czechoslovakia was replaced by two independent states; Slovakia Republic and Czech Republic. Slovakia puts Bratislava as the new capital of the country.

The 1993’s separation was peaceful with the parliament decision to separate the regions into two independent countries. This separation became turning point of the advances of Slovak Republic achieve at the moment.

This presentation is just a very brief portrait of how a conflict can be resolved without arms conflict. This peaceful transition can be an example for those countries under arms conflict.

It’s not finished yet.

Duman Wau

Bratislava; The Capital of
Slovak Republic

Flag of Slovenska Republika

This topic was actually inspired by the talking with Adriana about her country.
She gave me input after the draft. Monique improved my English.
Scott and EWC staffs give me opportunity to learn new things.
More than Thank you for all of you.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

China-Japan Relation. What's the Essense?

Betwen Sun and Stars
It's really disturbing me. This evening's session "China-Japan Relation" was just unfair. I supposed to go to bed now but somehow It really disturbs me. I'm trying to be no one side, neither China nor Japan's side. And my standing position is neutral.
Japan's occupation along with the all bad impact over China was the hot issue this evenening's session. Well, in whatever way what Japan did on the past time was a historical mistake that should be a lesson for all man on earth especially for Chinese. Japan occupied Korea and some South East Asia countries as well such as Indonesia. Dr. Christopher lecture's showed how the colonialization of Japan brought bad impact on China. And it's still unforgettable. And yes it's right. Dr. Chris showed the details in which it was very interesting.
However, and I think this the disturbing part, as academician, I think Dr. Chris should be less emotional. What appear now in China; thousands protest against Japan for the past occupation, needs a reflection and more depth thinking on what's actually on. What actually under the surface is. We do not agree in whatever form of dehumanization. I agree with that. But my question is "Does China not do the same thing over the other parts of its region which it took with gun and blood?" Take example of what happened to the Tibetan or the Turkstan in Xinjiang and other parts of China. Isn't that human right abuse either? Why does not China admit that what it did (forcedfully taking over the regions) are part of human right abuses as well? Why does not China then apologize for the people in the regions? Why China thinks that it's the only victim over the last history dealing with Japan? China at this point now demands more apology admitance from Japan. But at the same time China does not want to apology for what it did over the people on the regions it took over. That's not fair. Dr Chris then claims that all people in Asia hates Japan, including Indonesian people. Oh no way.., .. that's too much... Do Indonesian like Japan for the colononialization? Of course not, but we are not as sentiment as Chinese are.
What I'm afraid is this. Communist Party as a a ruling power in China now uses, cultivates and in some ways supports the anti-Japan sentiment. Why? Well, it's all about power and politics. How to keep being on the stage by having common enemy. What Dr Chris sees about the overwhelming China Economy growth is right. Yes, China is fantastic for the economy growth. But again, the question is "is that right that the economy growth give the whole population prosperity?"Or "Doesn't the economy growth just create a huge gap between the rich and the poor?"
What I'm afraid again is like this. What China is facing now is more less faced by Indonesia under undemocratic Soeharto Regime. Yes, at the time "Economy Growth"was a god. There was a phrase for that "Economy yes, politics no". In this time, Soeharto regime used all means (mass media and military) convincing everybody that we were a prosperous country in the world. IMF even supported this authoritarian regime. But just after the 1997 financial crisis collapsed everything including the regime and everything 100% changed.
What China's media writes on today merely the voice of the communist party ruling the China government in which is not democratic either. Or tell me if there is one media out of the stream writing different point of view. Nope, all the same sounds.
Again, the essense is how China's ruling party in which is insecured now tries to get support from the "floating mass". So that they can keep being on power and "safely"enjoy the coca-cola under the Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought. Or perhaps, in these era of text message (mobile phones), emails and McD, Marx, Lenin and Mao are not good merchandises for sale anymore. Is that so? Hmmm.....
I prefer if those two countries sit down and say "Hi bro (no matter who will be older or younger brother). Past is past though we can't forget it, what can we do now?"

Picture says more

Charles Morrison
"Communities, Leadership and The Future for the Asia Pacific"

Participants and the Men behind the gun-on the right side

We are serious people..!


Jamal, take calm., it's not all about life and death..!!

East Asia Delegation

The President who serves
Guys.. I like this class... and Dr C. Morrison has a really broad knowledge about the Asia Pacific.

I Luv Beach, Do You?

See..!! We like water...

Hey man.. We owe this beach and keep watching...


Style.. man.. style.....

Beach and Beach

Picture speaks..

Well, actually there are a lot more good pics but i wonder if it's okey to post here... :)

Hawaii Preserve their Heritage

It was on last august 10.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Meeting Sessions Again

August 17
Meeting sessions started from UH Policies, safety and security. Baverly McCreary talked about stalking in which I saw it as an advance efforts of state protecting its people life. Though in some aspect I thought it was very complicated. But that was good. Captain Dawson talked about campus security.

Background Presentation for Pear Harbor Visit. Hmm... this was an interesting topics to discuss. Unfortunately I just did not prepare me about this topic. There would be a great disscussion. Well, I appreciate the whole thing for the memorial building and all its efforts to remind us and everybody in the world that whatever way war made hundreds, thousands of people in suffering. The essence of the memorial is again to remind us how war gave bad impact of people life.

But that's it. I mean, if just we see the war in the positive frame of thinking well, there were a lot can be told. The attack of Japanese military to the US navy base in this town Honolulu evoked the solidarity of the nation to hand in hand to fight against Japan Empire. I mean this war in which then as a start of the open world war the second made US as a leading security forces now in the world. Yes, it was sad to see the huge numbers of died due the Japanese military attacking on the Sunday morning December 7.

But don't forget. The boming of Nagasaki and Hiroshima caused the severed of human being in great numbers and impact. If Japan attacked the military base of US, in other side, US army attacked the whole population of the two towns. I mean, thousands and thousands of civilian became victims. This point I didn't see much for exposure.

Maunaála Field and Downtown Trip

We were introduced all things about Hawaií. The previous kingdom before it was "conquered" by US and the appreciation of this generation now to their past. It was amazing how Hawaiían now are in big effort to search and to protect their past traditional wisdom and at the same time they try to comprehend them into the modern life now.
Visiting State Capitol was impressing not only because of the good architect of the building but also the essense of the State Capitol itself where all the policy ruling the Hawaiian aspect of life created there. The impression I had was that the Governor Linda Lingle was kind of a good leader concerning for the Hawaiian life in the sense that well... she tries to eliminate any possibility of corruption. This was amazing to me in comparison with Indonesian goverment style.
Having lunch in Iolani Palace Grounds and visited Kawaiaha'o church and Bishop Museum. Bishop Museum maintained the artifacts of Hawaiian life. Hawaiian here are not only the native Hawaiian itself but also the other ethnics (tribes) such as Germany, Philipino, Japanese, Koreanese who have been minggled into the Hawaiian society. That was cool
August 19,
The whole day of 15 was all about things in the rooms. For opening session, there was a Hula. THat's was the first time I saw in my life Hawaiían Hula alive. It was beautiful. Not only the hula itself but the girls of hula as well :). Then, greetings from EWC President; Charles Morrison, staff and researcher and continued of new student and receiving leis. THis was my first time i received leis. That was cool..

All things about EWC and research program in the EWC. Pretty cool to find a huge resources available here. Can't complain man... Things are just exiciting...
August 19
It took me days not to write on. Ok let’s start from the August 14. It was Sunday and I went to Manoa Market. When I saw the group was passing by in front of the Hale Kuahine dorms, I suddenly grab things to join them. But I lost the track. The distance from dorms to the market is not far anyway but I just lost them on the way. They walked faster, I think. Anyway, I reached the market and I met them around. I was confused what to buy. What to cook? Yes, but how to start was not an easy one. However, I bought some bananas, papaya, white onion and things.

Getting home, did couple things and then I planed to buy other staff in which I didn’t find in Manoa market. On the way, I met Iíng and the gangs. She had just attended graduation ceremony. She finally completed her study in this UH. Joining them for lunch. Got ideas from Irwansyah where to buy things, I went to Goodwill by public bus. Not easy to find the place but I found it finally, bought some stuffs there and went home.

Try to cook.. Well, I did it finally. I cooked rice ‘n noodle. Ah, the best one I ever done for cooking. Riggs, the good pal offered me canned tuna fish. Man, it was delicous after all. Then I went to “The Naked Truth Play”that what they called it in which nothing naked things at all. But it was great, you know. It was a play of portraiting the life in dorms. Much fun… it’s a lot fun to see how our routine daily life performed in the play. A lot laugh there.
Saturday Morning, August 13, 2005
I’ve just got up at 3 a.m. until I can’t sleep again. There a lot things in mind. But well, forget about it. I mean, problems will be every time and will be every where. So, yeah… take easy with all that things.

For the last Thursday, August 11 I was late to attend the meetings at Koi Room, Jefferson Hall. Gene gave me a call for that. What a shame. Anyway, again there was a briefing about all the administration stuff to complete.

Then, there was an association meeting. Having pizza lunch over there and then the most important thing was the EWC Board Governor Meeting. Hundreds attended the meeting with all new comer students. I realized that EWC concerning on Asia Pacific Region Relationship has important role. I’m not pretty sure about the others here. But that’s it. I mean, I realize that the meeting gave more sight about the EWC and its connection to the Asia Pacific Region.

We went to Star Market. Prior to the Star Market we passed through Athletic Complex. That was pretty cool. I got some idea for arrangement my time for having sport down there. In the market, we found Japanese restaurant selling rice, finally. It was fair cheap according to the usual market.

On Friday, August 12 TB Reading and no problem at all of course. Having a meeting with EWCPA in which I was late. Again, it’s little hard for me to remember the time of the schedule. I was supposed to be there at 1 but I arrived at 1:30 in which I thought that was the right time. I was late and no space available and some were at the gate door and out of the room. I decided to check what was goin on there for a few minutes. Tired of waiting for any chance to enter in, I went down waiting another session. I was very lucky when we attended the HUB session I was in first place and got my own table with the computer. The rest who came late did not have a chance to sit like I was. Hmmm., finally I got the chair and the good session for me.

At 7:30 there was a Movie on the Lawn. It’s great and funny. I thought that the culture of movie on the lawn only happened in Indonesia. But it did here as well. In Indonesia we call it “Layar Tancap”. But of course the “Layar Tancap” here is most in advance for the modern equipment. What a nice night.

I went to have a chat with my staff then in the middle of the movie on the lawn. I got sms inviting me for having a chat. I went straight away. Getting angry for my treasurer due to incompetence handling the finance matter, I went to sleep.

Getting up at 3 a.m. trying to write this note and then went out for a while. Feel the morning air of EWC Campus until I found Jaylon coming. It was interesting. She’s a kind of person that I think well,.. a good friend to share with. Hmm… She gave a two bottle of what I’m not sure what to call that stuffs but that for American food. Yeah, I have to learn about things you know. It’s the right time to adjust myself for the new environment. Thanks Jay…

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Field Trip

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
EWC, Honolulu, Hawai’i
Today’s field trip was very interesting. Gathering at 9:45 at Jefferson Hall yard, we departed to a school of Hawai’ian. The school name is Anuenue School. The language taught here is Hawai’ian language. But not that all about. Something behind. The school was designed to maintain the threat of Hawai’ian language in grave danger. The policy of the US State to use English as a main language and at the same time they tried to minimize the use of language of Hawai’ian language. Secondly the main activity of the school program is to teach the kids (kini) for the local wisdom of Hawaii’s. About life, about cosmic and the harmonious relations among all to be kept maintained.

The great lessons are first the admittance of the wrong of the past policy of state toward the local culture. The establishing of the school is admittance that the state want to improve the past mistaken.

The second thing is the teachers and the designers of the schools whose wide horizon and really knows things about Hawai’ian and its local wisdom. Instead of teaching what industrial requires now to teach the generation to be labors, the school teaches in an interactive method how to know the nature and the wisdom behind it.

Hawai’ian at the same time realized the fact that the Hawai’i does not belong to Hawaiian alone. It belongs to the international community who loves and who want to maintain the local tradition. They are not become selfish then. They do not become what we know now is as fanatics. That’s the amazing thing.

Went to Windward side of Pali Lookout. This was not new for me. But what I saw was they managed well, clean and beautiful. Having Photos there.Lunch at Kualoa Park. The park was maintained good. It was beautiful to have lunch under the cool tree.

After lunch, here you go. Beach, beach and the beach. White, sandy beach. North Shore, Waimea Bay. Beautiful. I swam there and it was beautiful. Great man. Fantastic.

At the night, we had a APLP/Alumni Reception. It was great. My custom is interesting for the all. Well, what a beautiful day. I know that I have to gift those things to Terry and Gene. I prepared that for them.

Orientation Started

Orientation Days Started
Yesterday, August 9
Yesterday was interesting. We had gathering in front of Burns Hall, registering for visa things and such. Then, we went to Hawai’ian Study Center for socialization activities. The whole bunch program is called “Orientation”. I met many orientation students. Oh well, I met two Indonesian in the Jefferson Hall; the Acehnese Alfian studying for ADB Program and a man from the Banten; Ubaidillah. In the orientation session, some I still remember their names; Jaylon; a girl from mainland. I knew that she taught English before coming here to EWC. What I know is she is a sort of American Girl. Things are confusing, especially for the beliefs. Then Weiwei, the Chinese girl, The Chinese student male and his English gave me a stomachache, Justin the Canadian male studying Asia and the last one is Mary Landolt, a coordinator for scholarship/award.

There I met couple friends, James, a mainlander I met at the machine food, Jamal; the Pilipino, Ashwin, the Indian next door, though we did not have much talking. Oh yea, I met Sue Yan, the Korean girl, a master degree of international studies in Korea. The next interesting was Tashi, a girl from Bhutan and May from Laos. I talked much with The Japanese girl as well.

We had then meeting at EWC building talking about the Visa process handled by Valeria Wong. She’s great. I mean her English was not like other headache Chinese. She must be born here in this beautiful island. I knew the girl from Yugoslavia as well, Adriana.

After the meeting then we went to Jefferson Hall for briefing about housing and things like that. In the session of financial and credit cards, I was so sleepy and then in the middle of the presentation I went to dorms, got sleep until I realized that I was left for the shopping tour.

I then hanging around ‘n sat on the waiting stone chairs next to the Jefferson hall when I met Budi Agustono and Fadel. It was surprising. Then we went to Jaylani dorms. Jay is from KKSP leading by Taupan Damanik. We had great dinner with nasi and tahu goreng. It was delicious man..

Went back to dorms. Took a sleep until 3 a.m. this morning. Woke up, got cleaning, and now chat with Yuris.

Aloha..! Yaáhowu..!

Kuala Lumpur Airport

Taipe Airport

Honolulu from aircraft
Honolulu, August 7, 00:43
Hale Kuahine

Honolulu, Here I am..
I arrived in Honolulu this morning at 11:00 local time. In the EVA Airways, I sit next to a Taiwanese girl planning to visit her boyfriend’s family. That was cool as I had a friend to talk with along the journey.

I was in Immigration office for almost 1 hour before they said "Yes, Welcome to US". That’s wonderful. I was there along with a family of philipinos, and the couple from another Moeslem country. They were sort of from Pakistan or somewhere moeslem country is. Finally, I am here in dorms called Hale Kuahine. Hmm., I think I need to be accustomed of these Hawai’ian words. Two volunteer pickers got me there in Honolulu Airport. I was along with the monk of Cambodia. We were on the same board but did not know each other. Then, Gene came to carry us with the East West white car. That was nice. When arriving in the EWC buildings, I knew I like it. "I will like it man"… Checked in, paid for 21 dollars because I came earlier in which I will be paid starting from August 8.

But I’m here. What else?
First lesson, getting accustom with machines. Getting food, cord for internet access. Well.. here I am. So? What? Well…

Getting my cord works, I chatted with Yuris about the on going programs. Well, so far so good. Nothing much trouble with the talkings. Except that he’s eager for full authority. But that’s not the way I want. Of course Yuran should be in role for handling things as well. I can’t give Yuris full authority. I think he’s kind of megalomaniac as well. He needs lot more process and I think that’s what he deserved at the moment. He needs to be patient for getting more power.