Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New Hobby; Sketching

Well, actually I have been waiting and waiting for something. And it seems I couldn't get out of thinking of it until it's clear. In the middle of it, I was just jotting things down on papers. Things. I mean whatever; words, line, curve, or whatever comes. In a moment when I visited University of Birmingham website, I noticed something different in its logo. In the logo, I noticed that one of its pictures is a picture of mermaid. Hmm, I wonder... Then, I tried to sketch the mermaid picture but after all I didn't see I could do that. So, couple days it took me to sketch the mermaid and every time I finished, I was not satisfied at all.. I gave up for a while.

Then, a University of Amsterdam magazine on my table. There is a lady as front cover of the magazine smiling. I think she is 'too happy'. I didn't pay any attention on it until this afternoon I tried to do sketching again. I think the picture could be a model for me. Then, here it is.. :)