Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A lot things to do these days and i'm excited

birds in the sky, feeling good

hanizam being 'guru' of stress management training at our office


rob (philips), rudy and rini (tdh netherlands) interacting with the children

innocent faces

Starting from the visit of Hanizam. This buddy was just cool, smart and yet humble. I think it’s a blessing to find that kind of people who is just in when you are both talking something. The principle and the ideas are just there and when you both 'go down to earth' of those principles and ideas, it just works. Amazing. We talked about the co-operation of both LPAM & Austcare to support Nias farmers. And one of the points I do really appreciate it is we talked as 'partners' not in the sense of ‘giver and taker’ position.

So far, our experience working with Austcare for Community-Based DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) project was a starting point where we do enjoy the ownership of the project together. We do not feel the burden alone. That's what we feel. And almost every month, there is a common monitoring and evaluation for the project, LPAM & Austcare. In many cases, monitoring and evaluation is sort of headache. That's what I always heard from other colleagues when their monitoring guys are coming or after the monitoring itself. Never feel that though. I don't know. I am perhaps too confident about what we have done :). Anyways, we are happy every Collin Fernandez’s coming for the monitoring and evaluation. This guy is another unique, deep thought and cool.

By the way, here it is. I could be wrong but here what surprising us in LPAM when Hanizam came with the draft of the MoU. In the budget, there is an item budget for Ramadan / Christmas Bonus for the staffs. :) Wuih... Honestly, I lost my word when i read that item. For me, it's not about the amount of the budget item. It's not about that but the appreciation. For me, It's sort of appreciation and it's put in the budget. If the question is ‘Who really seeking for appreciation?’ I don't think we seek for that. Just agreed for what we purposed is more than enough. More ever when there is a token of this appreciation. What I interpreted is these guys understand that in the special occasion either Ramadan or Christmas which only occurs once in a year, every body needs to share something with their families or relatives. I've been running this organization for more than three years but only this time it happens. Actually, it's not for my wish but for my colleagues’. I used to hear them in a very soft way to mention about that when Ramadan or Christmas approaching. But the good thing is they also did understand that there was no budget for that. So.., you know.. Again, thanks Hanizam and Jihad..!

Jihad even made the support for farmer bigger and thanks to him to make it happen. So the project will be running for 9 months instead of 6 months as previously proposed. So exciting....! I am... It's time to do the real thing for the people...
Thanks guys!

Selection Team of Electoral Commission. We, the team, supervised the written test for the candidate of electoral commission of Nias Selatan Sub-District in the middle of coming of TdH N and Philips. The week was so tired.

But well.,,. the guys were cool. Rob from Philips has sense of good humour. I like that. Sometimes, i exploded when he had a really funny jokes. TdH seems to have a new program but i don't know if we will take it or not. or perhaps i might give recommendation to just directly work to schools. i don't know. but just to find them want to help the children more is already interesting.

Oh yeah, we had a discussion this afternoon at Christian Aid office; LPAM, CWS and CA Ina itself. Well....... life is good...

I should have learned things more and more. Maybe my effort to try understand things never be enough. Or I might have something need to be fixed in my simple mind or......? I don't know. But yeah,... life is good...! What else?

8 months already.., simplicity and complexity couldn't meet the level of understanding of the situation. superstition might be.. or perhaps there must be a hidden lessons learnt there. i don't know. my simple mind is as simple as could be. To complete the commitment to fullfill the affected rights and done! because that's the main reason i stay in the island; to complete what we have started. God and all the good spirit of the ancestors will help the rest..

Hey by the way...
I didn't know that Nata ( a colleague from nias museum) left to Japan last week. There is something I would like to give to Nishida actually. If I knew, at least i’d ask him to send my greetings to my big dad and mom there and all the great buddies there..

miss japan..
miss the weather
miss the people
miss of being lost for a while
miss the cute things...

Jack Johnson is accompanying me these days.... I like his songs... little bit mello... but nice...