Friday, July 17, 2009


This morning bomb again in Jakarta is a sign of absurdity of small amount of people here. Condolence for the victims and family. It's time again for Indonesian intelligentce to use its function detecting the signs of the terror before it happen rather than using the intellegence for pressing human right activist.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

congrats for yudhoyono.

as predicted, yudhoyono re-elected to be indonesian president for the term of 2009-2014. this last election run smoothly although there were disputes over the list of voters. indonesian election system is one people one vote. i mean every vote is counted. it's very much different from the us system where the winner candidate is based on the electoral base instead of popular vote. so, again, every vote is counted here.

as a biggest moeslem community in the world, the democracy transisition has shown its progress. starting from the last 2004. regarding the history of dictatorship, the current condition again has shown its progress, stability and more peaceful.

anyways, again congrats to yudhoyono.