Wednesday, February 15, 2012

roller coaster. that's how i feel. when i am high to do my research, i'm just simply can't afford to stop thinking despite the signals of my body asking to stop it. i simply can't do it. i try to sleep but my mind keeps working even harder when i sleep. gosh, on the contrary, when i am at the lowest curve, i don't want even to take a look any letter of the papers. my feeling is like the weather, when i simply get bored (?) or curious or i don't know how to describe it, it drops to minus degree..
interestingly, those come and go within days. it's like the world price of commodities, fluctuating. lol. but, i don't want to complain. i promise me.. neve ever..

why am i blogging now....
oh, well.. time to be off..
but hey, there was a thought lately came to me saying 'what if i quit'.... oh god.. but thanks to paul, a friend of mine. he's on his last year completing his phd. he said and encouraged me to just go for phd. for another one or two years more.. hmm..that sounds interesting..

oh well,.. off now.. sleepppppp