Wednesday, July 30, 2008


from tunnel to tunnel

i like taking pictures of these tunnels on the way down to shirawakago. miss japan!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am so glad for these days.

Eka, Jenna, Serena 'n Filemon

I am so glad for these days.

My old buddy, Filemon, at the end of the day, returns here in this island. We once worked together for tsunami response in Aceh. Only couple months after that when another quake hit this island, we met again and worked very closely. What I like in him is his spirit, reliable and lots jokes around to cheers you up when you’re up ‘n down. We like speaking as it is, boldly, without reluctance wether it would be offending or not. We never feel that ‘bold ‘n sharp’ talking as offending rather as it should be and we regard that ‘we’ve already done’ abt it in the sense that we see people not in what and how they talk but rather than what he’s done, more less :)

Then Jenna, Super J, arrived here for internship at LPAM for two weeks. Young, smart, cool, menthol smoker, having musics taste. she shared me her 15 gb music files :) I met Jenna at ICU Tokyo after delivering the lecture suprisingly she told me she’s Indonesian in which she didn’t seem like that one. But she is. But she’s a real Japanese as well for many things especially for cleanness (hygenic) matter, not throwing ash anywhere as happening here. She left the island this morning though.:( She reminds me the beautiful moments of visiting Japan and I miss Japan again, the moments staying with my Big Dad ‘n Mom, Nishida ‘n family, Hayashi ‘n the gengs of Nias Network Project and the the awsome things of japan.

And Serena, the German buddy who;s learning to speak Bahasa Indonesia still as used to be; humble, smart, vegetarian, non-alcoholic ‘n non-cigarettes smoker, coming to visit us. She interned here last year. I like the way she speaks Bahasa Indonesia, it sounds like :D I don’t know how to explain it but I hope after her study in Solo, Java, she might speak more Indonesian. :) It’s amazing...!

I did really enjoy spending moments with these buddies and Eka was always there too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Feeling Good Again

Feeling good again...

Yup, I feel good. Feel good :)