Sunday, July 30, 2006

home sweet home

I really love coming back home. It’s my home and my office at the same time. I just love it. I live here alone with 24-hour wireless internet access, clean water, my guitar, my instant cappuccino and all things here. I love the weather here too. It’s just beautiful. By the way, starbuck is here too. I like that mocha frapuccino. Sweet home sweet babe.

I know there are lot things to do here though. REPORTS (Hmmm..) But still, it’s a lot fun working here. Yet, I can play yahoo pool and real pool. I’m thinking going to play pool tonight. But before that, I will do couple things; check Kristin’s work, check emails, going to have mocha frapuccino and possibly talk to Afan about the project, talking to Reputasi for the school package (?) I don’t know or perhaps tomorrow I will do that.

Oh by the way, I have meeting tomorrow with Anthony. He’s just arrived from London. I’ll discuss with him about the future plan of the project and my organization. Before meeting Anthony, I’ll go for substitute of my lost mobile number and driving license.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One Job Was just Completed

It takes months I was away from my blog. Yes, I am actually busy for the school reconstruction completion and at the same time we are preparing for the starting of the housing reconstruction. All the reconstructions are still a part of the humanitarian action responding the tsunami and quake disaster in Nias Island.

Anyway, one huge job has just been completed; 5 unit schools reconstruction. I was very pleased just because since the last January when I came back, it was sort of hopeless to complete the job. Thanks God and all the staffs were really tough. In the middle of our works, the challenge was not only from the ground but also from the funding agency, TdH Netherlands in which I think there were lot miscommunications within the work. Well, of course, I admitted that we didn’t communicate with them very often. That’s the problem when we only focus on the works. And yes, they have to admit too that they need to gather comprehensive information before making one decision as it has something to do with thousands of people. What I saw was that they realized about it though they did not want to admit it directly. Frans, the TdH Director knew about it. It has something to do with his staff that needs to learn more dealing with people.

After all, it’s the victory to complete the jobs.

We’ve just returned from Lahusa attending village gathering with the affected people, signing the MoU for building the houses and tomorrow we will have the same gathering with Hiligan√∂w√∂ villager and the next two days after that, we are going to have it in Hiliamaeta Village. These weeks are really busy days.

I am in Sorake now, a popular tourist spot in this island for its wave for surfing. Hopefully, there is no tsunamiL. This place was twice affected by the tsunami on the last Dec. 26 and small tsunami on the last march 2005.

Eh, by the way, I was thinking of sending happy b’day for the Hye Sung, Su Youn, and Adriana but you know I was somewhere in the middle of this Indian Ocean in which very remote and in that places it was not recognized what so called ‘internet’. I mean, I was away miles and miles from what so called ‘civilized’ world (I don’t know if that’s right sentence to portrait the places). For Tashi, I still have time for this.

Hye Sung, Su Youn and Adriana were actually very closed. Two Korean Girls and One Slovaks. I remember knowing Su Youn at the first time at Hawai’i an Center Building in the orientation weeks and she told me about the her old Indonesian friend. This girl was just great for being a friend. Hye Sung, well, mostly I remembered her for the first time when she had presentation for Gender Issue and I knew that she was a sort of tomboy when she was kid. She’s smart. Funny thing, we went to Church in Hawai’i. My goodness I almost forget the place. Ah, yes, it is in Manoa. We also had dinner together in Asian Restaurant. And I recognized Adriana first time at the first time of Potluch. I was interested in the Slovaks dressing in which brought me to somewhere of memory of European. Adriana… cute, smart and it seems that everybody okay with her. Ah yes, we spent an evening watching the Japanese drumming in Hawaiian Center. And yes, a lot memories with her. She’s still impressing. HAPPY B’DAY FOR YOU GUYS… I jus wonder where you are now. How things goin on with your lives, eh?

Ah, Tashi, this girl (woman)? Was just great. She introduced me about Bhutan and yet she was the one who was always being of smoker friend of APLP. Well,.. thanks…

Remembering APLP always makes me mello…………..