Sunday, September 09, 2007

When Will this Wild Mind Go Slow Down?

Yesterday, Daniri from oxfam came to visit me at office discussing about the gender equality issue in Nias. She is conducting a sort of assessment for a coming project dealing with economic right and women issue. Actually, Risa, other member of the team who initially contacted me, would come but she informed me that she got sick and that's why Daniri who visited me for the discussion. No much things to say except the fact that Nias is more open for that ideas. I mean there is no any rejection of the idea in Nias since Nias people culturally and historically respect the woman and woman has its own special position in the society. In public decision making, it's not there however, but still there is no big opposing for the gender equality. That's what I understand so far.

Ali arrived in NIas as well. He is going to help me in building the grass root organization, people organization and building the capacity as well.

Before that Vince from ELSAKA came to discuss about the forestry in Nias especially in Pulau Tello, a group of small islands in south. I didn't have much data on it except the brief story of how PT Gruti, a timber company, did the the forest cutting and kicked away from that place. THere was a huge protest of the local people supported by LPAM at that time in Medan and in Nias itself.

Today, I went to Afia, the demplot for agriculture project. I went along with Ali and Ika. Ali stayed there for tonight and I discussed with Ika how she could help for making LPAM better. We agreed that she will help for data collection so we have a small data center. We are lack of it. She also would like to help for writing the news or article to be posed in our website

HSO has arrived in Jakarta from Papua. I'm very happy that she arrived safely. She's also very happy of the gift I sent here. Actually, the bag is the gift from New Delhi when I was there in last March but stored in my cupboard don't know whom to send them. Until the last August and I know that I will send her them. She purchased me coffee, shirt from Papua as well. I always forgot to send her another pictures of my village.

These days seems like I just want to do things. The only problem is I want to do the things perfectly. It takes much times and energy though. Writing the reports; for TdH and CA, compiling modules and materials training for NGO management including the topic of strategic planning, having much time for playing guitar, learning making dvd using either iMovie HD or iDVD of my mac, making plans for FORNIHA, a forum of NGOs we have just established, learning keynote to have a good presentation, articles for the website, administrative things for LPAM, contract letters, SoP, finance things (making a sort of financial reporting using excel), learning exploring blog, mac features and so on. By the way, there are still many books I bought but I don't read them yet. One more, damn iBT. Months I planned to register for the test but still not yet.. I don't know man..

Oh ya, I would like also to start the healthy life pattern; sports; cycling, swimming, quit smoking and so on. Man...

Wild mind, go slow..... calm, calm, calm,........

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not an Early Riser and That's good

I was little bit upset this morning. I should attend the meeting from the beginning. It was a meeting held by UNDP and Nias Selatan local government for two agendas; hand over of the temporary buildings built by UNDP to Nias Selatan government and the ceremony of the establishment of the DCT (District Coordination Team). I was elected to be one of the DCT members. We had a first meeting on the last 30 August.

Well, actually, I already set up an alarm and i told myself to get up at 7.30 so that I could be in the meeting at 9. But again, I don't know why I got up at 9.30 and I was there at 10.30 when the meeting was almost over. My goodness... Anyway, I'm little bit happy now becuase of this article

Justification, of course..! lol but yes, i just hate waking up early when my body and my mind doesn't want to do so yet.