Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Last Party?

It seems like tonight is the last party for FAO Nias. It's small party though. It's not always easy to say good bye after all. I can see that. Well, but that's life man...! Things come and things go and only the memories left..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People Come and Go

People come and go. That's the rule. In many cases, yup. That's life and fact of life. I'm writing from FAO Nias office now. Just copule meters from my staying in this island. They have beuatiful, natural and unique office. It was sort of working and having holiday sitting here. This office wil be closed precisely at the end of this month. And I use their wi fi internet connection. At least for these couple of days, I'm still can access it's connection.

Not only about the internet connection I will be miss of course. The guys here as well. They are pretty good, friendly and that's it, cool guys. They will leave soon and this compound will be lonely again. There will be new comers perhaps not sure how they would be look like but hopefully good guys too.

We have co-operation with FAO Nias, small scale though for distributing its support for farmers that are seeds and fertilizers. At the same time, we are building our farming program. Good match after all.

Hey by the way, I have just finished my report to TdH Netherlands and tomorrow I'm going to send the hard copy. :) It's realief after all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


yesterday, twice quake hit this island again. it was little bit strong.. well, it surprised me though. i thought i had an headache after writing the report but it's not that, the quake.

well, after the leaving of iskandar 'n debbie from mango, i enjoy my routine again. it's okay now, got some ideas and exiciting to keep alive. yeah, alive man..

i got a pic when i was in pulau aceh.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We've A Dream

These days, we are pretty busy for building a foundation for community development. We've a dream to empower the farmer's life through farming. Our main goal is to reduce the import of fruits and vegetable from Sumatra. Instead of importing, we've dream that the farmers in this island can produce their own fruits and vegetable consumed in this island. At the end the economy will run better and they could have income better for sending their kids to schools and to regard that farming is a promising livelihood instead of just as for surviving. At least we expect there is a modern farming in this island. We also think to decrease the dependece from the fertilizer industry. Two of staff were sent to Java learning organic farming.

We have a dream and we started from here

Things Okay Except

Things okay except that the guest coming are sucks. With the frame of superiority they came to save us.. Duh, what a pity..!! I hate that. I don't understand how they come to pretend to be smart in which they are not. Stupid. They just wasting time and money for pretending training something.

I'm fed up with this guy named Iskandar. Enough! this creature I don't know where he's from or what capacity he had but pretending to be my boss, commander, the saviour.., what insane... If not by the previous guy from Christian Aid, I would have kicked his ass. Well, I don;'t know

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I love my Mac

Ah yes, It's beautiful. Fed up with windows and i just found mac's cool man.. I love it. I hope there would be no more trouble with comp things. I JUST LOVE IT.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007