Saturday, December 13, 2008

last party in this year

another party last night at sonya's house. i enjoyed it. it could be like the last party. i dont know. at least for this year though. sonya's heading to myanmar this coming january. still crowd were there. but just not sure if there would be more like that after this year. i mean people are leaving. some offices were closed and some will be. so, it gonna be like i dont' know. next year could be like quiet or some still guys around and make noise, i mean party. we need that. for a break and most for socialization. not often we meet each other very much because everybody has his/her own business.

n seemed like mia enjoyed what she found about her interview as well. hard days for her but worthy for digging out information and to get know better what's goin on in this island especially the issue around the humanitarian actions or things. and the other my locale buddies; ya'a 'n henry are still as insane as they are, i mean as cool as they are.

times for me to do reflection as well.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A lot changes

A lot things happened these days. Been three months, not posting anything. i think it could be either because a lot things happened or just something else. i dont know.

i start with the task of my duty as Selection Team of Electoral Committee of Kabupaten Nias Selatan in which at the end i am satisfied with the result. at least, i could defend to cross over the candidates involved in the last election manipulation and those who are disqualified by the law such as a member of political party or once in prison due to the crime acts. a lot psychological pressure from outside and inside our team to pass the names. but im just so lucky to be able to say 'no' and put things based on the regulation and the law. i just now more realize that involving in such public decision making is not easy but i believe it would be worthy in someway.

and another surprising thing is i quit smoking :)
I can...:) Yes, I can... lol.... but yes... i can. it's been 4 weeks though. it took me years to figure out how to quit smoking until on the last 18 nov and i decided to quit. and yes i did it after keep watching obama videos yes, we can.. :D

but i do really love him. he's so inspiring. never so enthusiastic to follow us presidential election until his running for the presidential election. and i dont know why my G5 aplp response in mailing list was not as hot as i watched in the video except aleyamma :) n josh. no idea. they could be busy or they are involved but somehow not sharing in mailing list.

ops my big dad from Japan sent me wishing for happy bday :) and other aplpers as well.

there are just so many emails i dont reply these days. the emails are just coming full my inbox and still figuring out how to reply those emails.

oh ya by the way, i and gaby took pictures for a show and it is good. it's in the show at museum pusaka nias.