Sunday, November 06, 2005

New York, New York, New York

Time Square at Night

Liberty Statue

Brooklyn Bridge

On the Boat with NYC background

Me, Rebecca and Tony

New York
Well.. New York that’s all I can say.. What’s more than that? It's a dynamic city and the people are diverse from around the world. You can get everything here. New York, I love New York. I’m now in this train on my way back to Washington.

Tony, Rebecca and me went to Liberty statue yesterday. We went there by the tour boat. 12 bucks per each. That aint expensive in terms of what I’ve experienced. We enjoyed the town from the upper deck boat. Sometimes, you can’t say something when it’s just beautiful. New York..

After the an hour tour, we went to Manhattan. On the way, I bought some pics of NY. Good deal. In Time Square we had lunch at Brazilian restaurant. It’s a good place. Then we enjoyed the Manhattan taking a walk there until to to park center. Almost dawn, from the central park we took a walk again. We went then to Hard Rock CafĂ© to buy some t-shirts and hat.

Go back to Rebecca & Tony’s apartment. I was so sleepy and then I went straight to bed. Until it’s 4, I got up and did computer things. For me NY is just impressing. The dynamic of the people and you can feel the energy surround. It’s alive. I like that city for doing things, for creativity. Besides the busy spot, it also has a central park where you can find the real jungle, full of tree. So you can choose either spot. Jungle of building or jungle of tree.. It’s all about option or you can enjoy both. It’s balanced.