Sunday, May 27, 2007

Arrived in NIas Today

I arrived in Nias this morning. I straightly joined the weekly meeting that was already started by Livelihood Coordinator, Aris. I was glad to find that all the weekly reports of every division were on paper. We agreed to have monthly based report. I think there are better development of the staff capacity now. But at the same time I think they still need to be adviced for couple things especially on defining the principles and administrative things. I mean there should be different on approaching those things. We agreed that we couldn't negociate on the principle but it's okay for the technical things.

At 3 then I and Jaya attended the FORNIHA meeting. It was a meeting to build the local NGO forum. I was also glad that we moved forward to the establishing a small committee to handle the first Assembly Meeting on 30 and 31. Things are just cool.

Oh ya, btw Annant and Ray are coming tomorrow. It's beautiful that they could come here to visit us and to talk to the organizations of FORNIHA members. I talked abt this in my presentation on the training and they were eager to know more. I think I was successful in convincing them that DRR issue could be talked to the forum. I'm very happy on that.

Next week it's going to be another busy days though. I have to attend the meetings and doing the reports to TdH and to CA as well . Then, I'll go to Yogya for fund raising training. Before that I have to stop to Medan for bringing the car to the workshop for the total fixing and modification when possible. Then before arriving to Jogyakarta, I have to stop again to Jakarta for purchasing my mac. My current notebook will be used by Jaya. Besides, it's time to have mac. I'm pissed off by all the troubles of the windows. I hate it. It's time for changing.

Hey, still no news? Or busy days? Or is there anything I talked wrong? Sorry if there is something I did wrong in which it's not my intention to do so.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life Is Cool

Life is cool. No matter how the feelings go up and down, up and down but it's still great. Yes, it is. Sometimes, too much things to do but in so many times, life is relaxing. Sometimes, it's hard but very often it's just okay. After all, what people might need is to keep balancing between work and personal life between the dream and reality, between ambition and lay down. Balancing is perhaps the right way to say so.

Another point I think is the way we react on facts and findings. Keep being positive or perhaps sometimes we should be little bit negative if not pessimistic. The portion of being positive should be bigger though.

Last night, we really enjoyed the party at French Red Cross compound. Chit chat, beer and music. After all, it was my first time to come to FRC's party although Pascal couple times invited me for their last parties but never able to come as i was pretty often on the field. Last night's party was cool. We all enjoyed it; well, some not for one or other reasons. But still I and other enjoyed it until early morning. Others, the gangs, didn't show up. Perhaps they were still on the field. We went home at 2:30 and still chit chat for a while until 3. FAO & WFPSS guys were cool. Seems that they who light up the night along with the Insane but Cool German Camrads. French were always mad. I like them. Oh ya UNORC guys as well.. Ross would be mad if she were still there..:D At six I headed to airport for morning flight to Medan and I had a wonderful sleep for one hour. Here now at Medan's office. Well.., Home again...

I and Ika are going to Aceh on Sunday for DRR training. There I'm going to meet Ray and Aruni. Aruni is not comin to Nias. the schedule is too tight perhaps. Soon after the DRR I have to return to Nias for FORNIHA meeting. We are establishing local NGOs forum. On the next meeting we are going to discuss for first Assembly Meeting and declaration of the forum. And yes, well., something secret... is another reason to come back soon. :)

The office is getting better managed. Thanks to Ika for that. Reconstruction team is on the way and livelihood team is about to rock the island in couple months. I have to prepare for the campaign/publication on it. My car is comin on Sunday for fixing here in Medan. It'd take for two or three weeks for that and bicycle is perfect option. Except that I have to come home earlier then just because it aint good for cyclying at late night though. I hope I can manage it.

Well.. life is cool, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Couple weeks ago when I and Frans were on our way to go South. It's always adventure to pass this east coast road of this island. I was still lucky though, my car didn't stuck like that one.
If that happened, it would be another real adventure.

The town I live now named Gunungsitoli. It's been already 1 and half year.
It's small town but I like it. Fresh air, fresh food, pure in many things.

I swim here and I rent a room around here. It's beautiful. It's kind of secret living here though.
I mean I never told anybody in office where I live actually.
It was kind of hiding place for a while in busy days.

Feel Cool

These couple weeks are just cool. I like it. A lot things happened especially for my work. Next week I'm going to Aceh for DDR (Disaster Risk Reduction) training. It's in the Pulau Aceh, a very small island in tip of Sumatra, a part of Aceh. There, I'll meet Ray, the guy handled tsunami response of Christian Aid India Office and Aruni. Aruni might not be able to come to Nias.

I also get my provisional acceptance for a short course at Wageningen. Hah,.. beautiful.. one more step for coming to Europe, the NEC scholarship application. It would be easy.... Wow., it's beautiful man.. I'll spend a month there instead of the two weeks I have for the training. It's gonna be my month off from the jobs. Wonderful...

I love it.