Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President and KPK; Gecko vs Crocodile

Cicak (gecko) is symbolized by KPK and Buaya (crocodile) is symbolized by police institution

The dissatisfaction to hatred to president's decision over the criminalization issue by police against KPK (commission against corruption) is getting higher. It's been waiting for his speech and his last night's speech was just plain. As usual, he doesn't have any strict opinion over things especially in this case. Indonesians relies on the KPK work for fighting corruption, an issue that long demanded to be the main priority of this government. On the first term of his presidency, yudhoyono let KPK showed its good work by sending top of corrupted officials to jail. People is cheered up. And I noticed that government officials became little bit afraid of doing business as usual, corruption.

However, after his election for second term, there is a strong tendency that president is upset by this KPK move. KPK actively investigates what's so called 'Bank Century Scandal'. Government provided this bank 6,7 billions USD which regarded as a big mistake and very possible full of corruption practices. Some rumors said that he was involved in this scandal. But before, KPK finishes its job, first top KPK official has sent to jail. It's very possible he was framed for that. Another two top KPK officials are tried to be sent to jail without proper evidences. Indonesian through facebook give support for these two KPK officials; Bibit and Chandra. More than 1.000.000 facebookers joined group for supporting these two men. In order to avoid massive street protest which very possible about to happen, president let the two KPK officials free. 

Despite all the previous critiques toward him, now I fully disrespect him. He deserves no respect as a president. He talked bullshit last night. This country will no go anywhere unless he steps down. Once again, it more convinces me that 'power tends to corrupt'. 

It's just about the time... he will be forced to step down. people power is on...  c'mon.. 

yes, we can....

Sunday, November 22, 2009


i keep asking what i want to do in life. Or perhaps, the question should be 'What's really I want to do in life?' What?

well, if you ask me, i've got things to say. but when i ask to myself then the question is on and on. after these years, i just wonder if i was on the right track. On the way i've been through, i liked what i did as it connected my heart and my mind but at the same time i witnessed wrong things. And it seemed that i was just not capable of making it right. it's beyond my control, beyond my capacity to fix it. and then the question for me was 'why am i here?' 

And now it seems that i don't have right place, right time to have contemplation. It seems like i'm in it and try to avoid it but i couldn't. sticky patch.

a simple example one. i read in a newspaper of a grandma stole 3 cocoa and sentenced for a month and half. thiefs stealing millions dollars of people money are hanging around, appeared on tvs and newspapers and still fine. Isn't that insane? I mean, that is beyond basic logic as human beings. Another one, despite some success stories, many projects in the name of humanitarian purposes are wasting money. And...?? that's it. it seems things are just fine.

Look, this week i walked around and i found this. These two kids with their grandma were begging for surviving. We can see this scene everyday. i just wonder how on earth hundreds, thousands, millions families keep doing this in the middle of abundant resources to live better. what's wrong? Don't laugh at me.. i know it's just a ridiculous mind. yeah... perhaps the way i think is too simple if not naive.. because you would say 'that happens everywhere 'n every history'. 'from the ancient ages to now, they are always there'. well, yes that might be true. but why?
i don't know..

or perhaps, is it because i talked to them, tried to make friends or something.. or perhaps, i should just walk around and things would be just fine. is it? hmm... well...  i don't know.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

here some

a friend of mine sharing same garden.:)

struggling for life

struggling for life

the other side of life

the other side of life

tired and space available plus free..


not so much though but i need to re-organize things. im just easily disrupted with all things. but life is good :), for sure..