Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Paper

Little bit relief. I handed my first paper yesterday, finally. It's late for 2 days though. But, that what I could afford so far. I was struggling to put the ideas in order, kept rethinking about it until I said to myself to just finish it and revise it later again when I get my feedback from my convenor (my lecturer), a person who is in charge with this module.

Been already one month and half studying here. Exciting and challenging. That's how I would like to describe it. It's exciting because I get the ideas of the history of buzzwords always familiar but just had no clue where they come from. The buzzwords I mean is such as modernization, neoclassical economy thought, dependency, periphery, neo liberalism, structural adjustment, development, self-sufficiency, and so on. So, I could say, I got the big pictures of all those 'jargon'. Moreover, the current thing I learn briefly is the thought of posdev (post-development). This is new for me and it astonishingly rejects all the idea of development by proposing a thought of the end of development era. Sachs (Wolfgang Sachs) in his introduction to The Development Dictionary right to the point saying "The last 40 years can be called the age of development. This epoch is coming to an end. The time is ripe to write its obituary". hohoho........ Aside from its content, the way he proposed his thought is awesome :) Shocking...Strong....and very confident...I like it... Furthermore, he said "Today, the lighthouse shows cracks and is starting to crumble. The idea of development stands like a ruin in the intellectual landscape".

Yet, another parallel shocking idea I got to know before coming here when I was writing my research proposal is Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid. She elegantly demonstrates how Aid is actually contributing to poverty in Africa. In simple words, Aid creates poverty.

Anyways, so far, I think there should be a way out of this so called (by postdev) 'stink development'

And I handed my paper yesterday and other papers are just awaiting... Gosh, but I like it :))