Friday, March 26, 2010

development studies

all right. couple things are clear but few things are still blur. i want to take development studies. yes. i'm interested in studying the philosophical elements behind the development and the layers in it. it's inter-displinary studies. That's one also the reason i want to take it.

on top of that is the questions on my head about poverty and so on.. i think couple days ago i kind of got some flash awareness abt it.. i keep thinking abt it and i will probably write here soon. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama supposed to come to Indonesia this month but cancelled until July. But for sure, I am just so glad he signed the health-care bill after long and fierce debates. He is the man... :) :) :) This world needs more leaders who really care for the people..

For how long can I resist?
For how long will my mind wander?
For how long am I able to refuse these absurdity?
For how long will I be able to connect the dots and survived?

This might be another question in life...
Another second or third or fourth or fifth or so on..
Another questions on my head
Another turbulence
Another fierce walls to climb on..

As for now I am deep down on drawing the direction
Either turn left or turn right
Straight true or return to base

As the 'man' who suppose to assist but against me
As the power is used for the sake of annoying psycho reasons
As it never could be explained well
another dark tunnel with blur direction though...
Being free from here might be worthy after all...