Friday, June 03, 2011

that's the way it is. i've been keeping myself busy with an assignment about research methodology. what a daunting process however to learn all about statistics. it's not that i hesitate to learn about it, i find it interesting even. somehow, to understand basic things about the statistics and its SPSS application takes a lot efforts. it's really new for me. i like the math and the logic behind it. but the problem then is when there are a lot things to grasp and it should be carried out step by step. fortunately, there was a friend i can have a consultation about it. i had my consultation with her couple days ago and i got it better now. and now it's the time to run the statistical tests and write down the interpretation of the tests on my paper. well, basically, running the test takes only few hours if not by minutes. but understanding the concept takes time.

hopefully, my supervisor keeps supporting me as  i am little bit behind the schedule of writing my thesis, literature review precisely. i know i got a lot time to do the writing, but still, there are deadlines to meet otherwise writing 40.000 word can be a disaster. that's reality.. oh yeah, i think i have to work harder too..