Sunday, December 31, 2006


For this xmas, I went home for 4 days. I departed from Gunungsitoli at 1 pm and arrived in Teluk Dalam 15 minutes before 6 pm. On the way, I used to drive fast but just didn’t know I drive slower than ever. I felt a sort of thing that I had to do so. It was kind of superstition that there’s something that I had to do so. Yes, it was right. I supposed to visit my parents directly but I stopped at Fali’s house just couple miles from where I received his text message informing me that his dead had just passed away. Soon after we arrived at his home, it was a sort of emergency action to help them; providing the generators as they didn’t have the electric yet, purchased things for the emergency needs and things like that. I called all the staffs down there and only in minutes we hand in hand to help after it reached 11 and it was time to go home visiting my parents. I kept being there until one day after the funeral because I had to go back to Gunungsitoli for meetings.

Anyway, I’m happy I can visit home, staying for couple nights. I enjoyed there. I also visited my grandma, actually my grandma’s younger sister. She’s okay now, better than when I met her last year. She had good memories of things. Pretty good even. And suddenly it brought back my memories of the past.

I’m also glad that I can still find how people in the village hand in hand to do the community works cleaning the village yard. I, Eka and Willy also spent one day for visiting the site project in Hiliamaeta in which I was very happy for what we’ve done there.

My Grandma is getting better than the last time I visited her after the disaster. She still has good memories of past times. She also keeps talking about the respecting of the parents and the ancestors. We heard a lot stories about that from her. We loved her.

We, LPAM, are very happy that we can serve the people reconstructing their houses after the disaster. The people deserve to get good houses just because actually all the NGOs, UN Agencies and BRR funds and donation are for them.. We work for them...!

One of the houses in Desa Hiliamaeta


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Not what way but how to go to that way

Hopefully, at the end of this year, I have couple days doing nothing, going away for a while from the works, from the screen, from the phones and all that stuffs. I'm thinking to go to Bukit Lawang as I used to do except that I'm not sure how the place looks like now. Yeah, after the 2003's flood, the place was totally changed and damaged. I'm not sure if it's already recovered now. Hearsay, it is already okay but still I'm not sure abt that.

Carla Bruni... The songs are just awsome, so mello with the guitar sounds.. It's just so perfect. I realize how the French are just so mello.. Sylvie or Sylvia left it for us.. Another side of their fave on hard musics. Thanks Sylvie and Sylvia. You guys are just wonderful with your stories of life and now with the musics you left for us.

Back to the point.,. with all that happened in this life, I feel how great life is. A lot things happen, a lot lessons-learnt, a lot good people around and huge opportunity to make life as you wish. Isn't that wondeful?

I'm actually considering of couple things I want do in life for the years ahead. I'm thinking of extending my service for LPAM for another two years. To build the strong and sustainable organization. I need to build the foundations for that. At the same time, the obsession for pursuing my grad school is pushing.. I'm thinking of going back to normal life, yeah going to school. The time will show what part I'll fall in. Another obsession are just there... Sometimes, it's not easy to choose what the right way on the right time. Actually, it's not on my plan for extending my service for another two years. But, that's it, to finish what I started. What I'm afraid is if I leave LPAM and it will start from the zero point again. At least, it will be more challenge and huge. Just because it's not yet established well. There are couple things to do more just such as to train the staffs for making the plan, appeals for donors, project management, administrative works and building good network. If the organization works well, at least there will be more poeople helped. There will be more people get benefit of the works. Besides, our committement to the people whose houses damaged by the disaster is not fullfilled all yet. Or perhaps I'll do a sort of combinging. Yeah, while do the job, I will attend the trainings and things for the capacity building and again at the same time doing a better preparation for going to grad school.. Yeah,. that sounds cool... That sound acceptable, right? Hmm..... let me think about that deep before having a decision. Thinking deep...

Feel Good

I feel good. :) Inspite of the unfinished annual report, I just feel good. My day started with the book from Sylvie from Germany. It's pretty cool 'Days of War Nights of Love'. Bambang got 'The old man and the sea' :) Sylvie might think he's just a pretty old buddy.., :) Bambang handed me the book this morning before I left for work. Hey, we love the bench... we are only three left here. The rest have gone for the holiday. But I like it.

Today, I did some writing for the annual report. It's not finished though but still I'm exciting to do that. Hopefully I can finish it before the end of this year. I also made a decision to participate with the Walhi Sumut group for the emergency response over the Mandailing Natal quake. Another one..:(

I received calls from Alex, Bang Parlin, Bang Monang and my dad as well. It's just great. Then tonight's meeting was better. Aleyamma also posted the people tribunal on World Bank Group. I like that.

Hopefully, Mike's flash disk could be sent tomorrow to London.

Well,.. if I get a call from Horep early in the morning and then I'll pick them up to airport. But if not, that's okay too just because I have the meeting again tomorrow morning at 9. Well.,.. life's just great. I'm exciting and I will be always. LIfe's just great...!:)

Novi, the lonely buddy.. How poor she is.. She's sleeping on the bench. She'd like to talk to me but I'm writing my blog. THere she is, fall asleep. It's not because there's something wrong with her but what I understand is that she just need a buddy to talk to. I know the stories she has always bored but I think deep inside her there a good heart. She's struggling for her life though. Good luck for you Novi. She's leaving for Medan tomorrow as well.... and the bench will only for me perhaps ? Bambang will go down for the vessel. The vessel doesn't arrive from Banda Aceh yet. The weather's just not okay for sailing.. Delay.. He'll work the whole weeks until first week of January perhaps. I will too but I'm thinking of spending my xmas with my parents and my younger bro. My older bro and my sister are still in Aceh. They are not coming back..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This evening I didn't feel good mood. In the middle of Vera's party I went to office and I did arranged the working papers. It's done a part. I don't think that I start to get bored. I am not and I hope I won't be until I finish what I started. There are still a lot couple things to do with the jobs. Building foundations for the sustainable organization. It will take another one or two years. I know that there are a lot things in mind, a lot things to do for myself but I think I can put that aside for a while. There will be a right time for that. Anyhow, I have to prepare for it as well. Huge effort for that.

I have no still clue for this xmas and new year. I have no clue at all or perhaps I need a really break. Yeah, that sounds cool.. Going somewhere where I can be lost. Hmm.. Sounds good idea.. All right., let me do the plan for that.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Big Dad Sake Master

My Bid Dad International Sake Master created me a blog. It's in Japanese though..:)

Thanks Dad. I miss you, mom and sister....

Tomorrow's Field Visit

I suppose to go to bed now but I can't. I know that I will have a busy day tomorrow, field visit with Christian Aid guys from London, Ivan and Mike. We had the meeting this morning. They were just cool. I like that. I met Mike on the Tsunami Learning Review in last September. I've just known Ivan though. Aruni said that he's a good guy. Well, I feel so as well. We will spend much time tomorrow so I think I will know them especially Ivan better.

I'm still thinking if I will come along with them the day after tomorrow to Lolomatua or staying in Teluk Dalam having discussion with the guys down there. I'm not pretty sure yet. Let's see tomorrow.

I'm thinking of having annual holiday from this Dec 22 to 4 or 5 Jan perhaps. I don't know. I'm still considering about that. My annual report is still far away from what I want. I don't even start it yet. I wrote the outline but there will be still long journey for that...

My goodness, it's already 6th of Dec and the deadline for NOHA MUNDUS is 15th. Hmmm..,, I don't know... I need one more recommendation letter and still I don't set up time for the iBT yet. There's offering from ICTE posted by Aleyamma today for the human rights issue. I don't know...

I visited TdH Netherlands office in Jakarta on last Saturday and a new guy will be sent in Nias. It'll be another busy day. Yeah...

In office, it's hard to expect the financial staffs to do the best of their own or perhaps I expect too much on them? I don't know...

No clue yet for things.