Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I met Anthony from Christian Aid this morning and as usual, this guy was just great. I met him first time along with Andrew last year visiting Nias and we also met last couple months in a workshop. Anthony is just like Andrew and Peters as well. They really concern on us as their partner. I found the meaning of the true partnership of both organization with them, between LPAM and Christian Aid. Thanks guys.

We talked about the progress of the works, obstacle and what we are going to do in future. Though he is a “man of power” but still as usual is humble. He respects us and of course we also respect him and Christian Aid for their working culture.

As follow up, I will go to visit Habitat for Humanity in Aceh again on Wednesday and return on Friday morning. There is an adaptive technology (?) in which they recommend me to take a look on that and find out the possibility to implement that in Nias housing project. Well, let’s see…

Today I also have got my lost number from Indosat. It was little struggling there anyway. The customer service was just stupid (sorry man to being rude) but I was just really pissed off. I explained him about the number and how I lost that number and still he kept talking that my name was not the authority of the number. I told him that I have already registered my name on the number twice even before it’s lost. And then, I just came out with saying directly ‘I’m sorry, I do not believe you’ ‘Can I see your computer?’ and then he let me check his computer and that how things work. I found out that the he did not see other pages yet and then I told him to click other page and we found that in the other page my name was there. And yes, what a relief…! I felt guilty of being rude though, but still I believe on my feeling and it’s right.

Then, I went to Padang Bulan for processing my license number and got home having cappuccino for a while and then I went out at the evening meeting Reputasi discussing the housing project and also the school package. We have to meet again tomorrow dealing with the payment. I think Yuran should take in charge with that.

Playing pool for a while and come home. I’ve just sent Vinod UNHCR about the mini report of UNHCR timber usage by LPAM.

Hey by the way, this Internet Radio Hawai’i is just cool… Hawaiian songs, talking and news… Hmmm….
Okay, well done today…