Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a lot things happened these days. riots in england, a bit travel to brighton and all. riots. there were many explanations about it. some said it has something to do with poverty, recent financial crisis and others regarded the riots as purely crimes. well, there are a lot analysis about it. one for sure, i guess, economy downturn has its contribution and the government huge spending cuts easily trigger the anger.

i was in brighton when it broke in birmingham. when i returned i could feel the air. when i passed the places looted in the city center, i could feel the air of people were more suspicious with others. i didn't feel good vibe there. but i guess, despite the harsh response of government, the similar occurances might happen in future again. the root of problem, if i'm right, that is the economic problem is not properly addressed, it might happen in one or other forms. i noticed that when students protested the education spending cuts few months ago in london, the vandalism couldn't be avoided. and now, it seems that problem is a protest to a police action toward a young guy shot dead in london. but it widely spread to issue such as anti-immigrant sentiment. 

the other side of this country, however, in brighton especially there was a peaceful pride parade which is basically expression of gay and lesbian festival on the street. 

one night in london before coming back here meeting my ford fellows and it was lovely.

and i have been attempting to complete my papers which is due to on this 22nd august. hopefully, i can complete them hopefully...