Saturday, November 07, 2015

Watching NHK showing Hawai'i. How I miss that place. Yes, I do recognise some of the places. King Kamehameha, Aloha spirit, downtown, etc etc etc and ppl are simply friendly..
God Xmass is coming very soon. Gee..!!
I have been listening to BBC Radio 4 Drama of the Week for some time now. I always love to listen to most of them. Wicked, smart and to some extent, to my opinion, most are just geniusly composed.
Whatever happened to those blokes. Damn, I have just been quite active in facebook recently. To my surprise, I met, not physically surely, those 'friends' or 
'acquaintance' through fb. It's a surprise really. 5 or 10 years or more can really change ppl physically. I guess, shall I meet them physically they might be surprised abt me too hehe. I don't know. Time can do many things to ppl I guess..