Monday, July 23, 2007

Jakarta for Another Training

I am in Jakarta at the moment. Actually, coming to Jakarta is not my fave things to do. Too crowded, messy and hot. I am pretty lucky because the training is at Indonesian University. There are lot plants here and it's cool. I gonna be here for at least 10 days. I'm attending NGO Management training. Not pretty sure if I'll get new knowledge on it but sure new things are there. At least, compiling things in systematic ways as what academician always do. And yes new friends and network.

Couple days ago before coming here I was with Treena sent by CA London Office for external evaluation over the tsunami and quake response programs. She's smart and it seemed that she enjoyed the day with us. I could see how she laughed freely. I mean she just that cool. She was Malaysian but living in Southern Netherlands. I think I should write her email just for discussion. Her thinking is fresh and seems cool.

Ah everybody turns to Facebook now. That's cool., I am just thinking of it before making my own. It seems cool..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Work Just Completed

I completed my report to TdH Neth and it's interesting. It's little bit relief. Others await though. But one by one would be completed. Tomorrow an evaluator from London is coming and we have a plan to go for field visit on 20. I think I have to prepare better for her coming so that her time with LPAM could be effectively used.

Hectic Days

It could be that the right word for these days, 'hectic'. Some of us fell to sick though. I'm getting recover quick, Jaya is okay now but Eka still on bed. Weather adjustment, anomaly or global warming.. But you can't decide what wheter it shall be like before. Things change enomoursly.

I completed my report to TdH tonight and it was a relief. I need to re-check it again to Jaya tomorrow, ops I mean today. It's 2 a.m right? Oh my god, I have a meeting with Gea at 8:30 this morning.
All right, next time continue this writing..........