Monday, September 05, 2011

a year in england already

a year in england already. yes, it is. it's very quick, that's what i feel. time just flies away. from what i've been under through, there are a lot new things i newly perceived as new lessons and yet a lot still to be learnt and done. 

in terms of knowledge and skills, i suppose, it helped me to construct what i experienced and see things from different point of views. say an example of 'development' itself which is perceived differently from one theory to another, from one view to another. how development perceived, as a consequence, then has something to do with the way it is implemented accordingly. the other interesting thing i'd so glad to find is how certain concepts; poverty, participatory and so on, are contested, confirmed or considered to be nullified. academic debates in one or other forms are quite interesting. i said 'quite interesting' as some say that the academic environment,  in a certain point, lead to an 'invention of idea' or else to ambiquity or grey area if you like to say so. indeed, it's not as an affirmed position as those who are driven by a 'single' view. 

in term of research skills, i think i'm quite satisfied the way i understand it; in terms of its nature, design and methodology. and for the second year of my study will be spent on this matter. i'd like to see the impacts of fair trade movement on cocoa farmers. fair trade is perceived differently as well. for those who advocate it, it's a part of just trade movement and some consider it as an ethical issue. And for others, it's considered as merely a new way for earning profit.

anyway, a year in england and the summer is too soon. a half way to go more and then, let the life decide whatever it brings on.