Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good People Around

I often do few reflection over these days and I am always grateful to good people around me. There are just there. Thank you for them. There are Jihad who offered good relationship, Nishida and his team with Nias Network Project inviting me to get to know Japan more, his parents for the hospitality, My Japanese Okasang, Otosang (parents) that I will always miss them. I am also grateful that I have dedicated colleagues whose same vision with me and high solidarity in whatsoever we under through. On top of that, I am very happy to remember every moments I spent together with people, their faces, hopes and spirit. I sometimes envy my field colleagues as they are with the community every time. I wish I could have more time with them but I stuck in office very often though. However, generally I am so glad after these 3 years. I am so happy because I did full heart to work for the community, for them, to do the best I can do. I still remember in 2003 when I 'consciously' decided to keep working for them, for the marginalized ones and I tried to find the ways for that when I worked for Walhi Sumut as entry point for building network and getting more experiences to be prepared for working with them. Then I met Monang Wak Soleh, Dina, Jaishree, Terry Bigalke, Andrew and Anthony, Sam, Rebecca and Tony who I would always remember and thank to them.

I believe in destiny. I believe that every path to walk on has its own meaning. I believe that as long as I do things with my heart, full effort and do it sincerely, there will be people out there that would see it. I think the teaching of buddhism or hinduism, I am not sure, but it is said about the karma. That means if you do something either good or bad, you'll receive the return in some ways. If you do good thing to certain people, the return might not come from them but somewhere around. I believe that as my experiences show that. I hope that I am able to always keep holding this principle in my life. I also believe that having a good will and doing the good thing is not enough. I mean the good will is not enough but it takes more than that. I believe that good will should be challenged and how tough you are, that's the lessons will come from. Challenges will decide who you are as you wish to be or failed to be a different one. Not easy but it's worthy in life.

I know that what I am doing now is a part of the life stories of mine. A part of life line if you could say so. I know that I perhaps will not stay in very long time in this island to work for them, for the community in need as i am doing now. I know it's only a part of my path life, 3 to 4 years. However, I know that after going out for studying more or doing something else out there, I will be back for them in different role and dimension. They are the people who I should work for if I have an option to do that in future. I think Jesus face is with them. "Sindruhu-ndruhu niwa'ögu, nilaumi ba dalifusö no fondrege zilumana, ba khögu no mi falua". I will not for get this lyrics of a song. I often heard and sang when I was kid. It was a christian teaching song. More less it means "I (God or Jesus) tell you, what you do for the very poor, you do it to me" I don't know but perhaps that's what the reason why I am always glad when I am sorrounded by them.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tunnel Time Travel

Tunnel Time. I like to call my travel to Osaka, Kyoto and west part of Japan as Tunnel Time Travel. I was so lucky I traveled there by Nishida's car. The moment in tunnels was sort of giving you thought. When you are about to pass through the tunnel, there is kind of slight feeling of uncertainty but at the same time you know you are going to pass that tunnel although not knowing what exactly what is going on ahead. It's so different when you are on the open road when you know clearly what ahead is.

When you are on the tunnel, it's dark, you can't stop unless it is in an emergency situation and when it takes long, sometimes I feel like 'what if' something happen here?

It was a relief though after you pass it. Even before that. When you are in the tunnel (dark) and you saw outside bright and clear, the feeling is sort of 'I pass it'! :). relief,..

on the way to Osaka & Kyoto

Part III 2008 Awsome Japan Travel
In 2006, we visited this lake. It was so beautiful. We just passed by this year.