Saturday, April 29, 2006

Offloading Housing Reconstruction Materials in Lahusa

LPAM works very closely with WFPSS (World Food Program Shipping Service) at the moment to deliver reconstruction materials from Medan to Nias. As the inflation is going up, all the prices just go as high as it can go. And it really affects the process of the reconstruction. The best way then is to purchase the materials from Medan and helped by WFPSS for shipping. UNHCR provides the timber as well. Very good cooperation down here.


This beach used to be like this

The Two Vessels surprised the whole people on the sub-district

Labrita Nakita is offloading timber for Netherlands Red Cross

Housing Reconstruction Materials for LPAM

The local kid with surprise

It's a big day

Bicycles and the ships

Really good day for all

Local people is going to work

Kids always have their own ways to express their feeling


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wish to Break for a While

Little bit tired these days.. Things are just coming to my head and I know I need a little bit quality time at the moment. Time for me to be alone, going to a new place for a while where I can find myself lost in the crowd. Being alone in the crowd. And I've just settled down an internal organization problem just now. At least, the peaceful conflict resolution really works here. Thanks for that.

Last three weeks, I went to Banda Aceh visiting Habitat for Humanity and YEU projects for housing reconstruction. Habitat, YEU and LPAM are partners of Christian Aid. Peters, the Medan Representative office asked me to visit the project sites. After a year and still you can find the devastating areas in its place. The same thing happened in Nias, three days ago commemoration of quake disaster in Nias and still no much changes. At that day, I went to Berastagi for workshop met Anthony and Peters there discussing about the new projects of the housing reconstruction and livelihood second phase supported by Christian Aid. But I don't know, after the talking I thought that I might be too confident for doing anything. Too optimistic.. There, I realized that I can't be a single fighter in everything... Yup, they were not doubt on me but for other staffs' capacity. But somehow, I can't accept that judgment still.. I mean, at least we (not me only) can complete the schools reconstruction, almost though.. But yeah, I don't know..
Then, of course we will cancel the building of the whole village of Hiliganowo and only 69 houses there. Well... That's good too. At least, I can take a breath..

But yes, it's not easy to have skillful staffs. I sent Devi, financial staff in Nias but she can't stay longer. She returned to Medan and perhaps she will accept the position in PTPN, a plantation company in Medan. The two engineers will go too due to their company asked them to assist their project in Aceh. I have to find other engineers to substitute them.

My question now is I might just let the other staffs do the job with the risk that it can fail..? But the thing stopped me is the housing project we are handling now can not be a try out though.
Hmm... Any Idea? Gimme one….

Children of Aceh and Nias

These Pics were taken in Aceh and Nias.
These kind of pics always stop me to think another thing.

Do they still have parents? I don't know but their faces do not show so
and most of the children here lost their parents after the tsunami.

Being alone..

Nias Children are waiting their schools to be used

Closed to be completed..


This height tree as the height of the tsunami..

And the boat swept away by the tsunami is still there in the middle of the village

Housing projects; some are still on the ways and some are already stayed in without much publication.

This house is already completed and stayed in

From inside the house