Thursday, December 29, 2005

Enjoyable Holiday

These days are just wonderful days. Except for today, I had to get up at 6 a.m. unless I would get up as usual at 2 p.m. I just really enjoy the holidays taking rest as I wish. Oh, what a beautiful world after all.:D

Today, I had a video taping for EWC Annual Dinner Video. They interviewed students about their experiences here in EWC. And of course, I told them the truth. APLP as one of the Ewe’s program is just fascinating for me. Yes, indeed I changed my view a lot here, gained new perspective on the United States is; the diversity, the value, the culture and so on. Thousands of lessons here for sure. I am thankful for having this opportunity to come here.

Then I went to Wal-Mart for photo printing. It’s printed for 28 pieces with 5 bucks. That’s pretty cheap. I think tomorrow I’ll go bring my photo printed there again.

Then take a nap but couldn’t at all. Well.,, my computer’s just been fixed and I just can let it untouched. Did browsing things and then headed for Safeway to buy meat and wine. I cooked again today and that’s cool.

These days just wonderful. I spent my days for movie, going to beach and of course manggoos. That’s where we often ended up our days there. I often went there with Jamal, Shahin or Rahul.

We watched The Memoir of Geisha and it was just wonderful. It’s wonderful due to the message, the culture of the giesha itself and a piece of portrait of Japan society. It was cool.

The other nights we went to Ala Moana beach for fireworks. We often go to Ala Moana Mall too. Last couple days ago, we went to North Shore but only viewing the sightseeing as nobody was allowed to enter the water as its wave reached 12 feet. That’s pretty cool for the surfers but not for the common people who wanted to swim.

Lhobsang was really great. His car was really helpful. He even fixed my computer. It was attacked by virus and I was almost desperated that I can not do computer things until I arrive in Indonesia. But he fixed it two days ago and I really love my days again. Thanks Lhobsang. You are amazing knowing many things. Happy b’day to you too. I like this man; humble. I think the more you achieve in life, the more humble you become. That’s what I found in him. Great buddy…!!!

Now, I’m ready for Thailand and Cambodia field trip. I still need to pack one bag though. But that’s fine. Tomorrow I still have the time. Even tonight, I’m thinking of packing it. Well, it depends.
But yeah, Thailand and Cambodia, I’m coming…

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Syriana; Power and The Oil

Syriana; The Oil and Power

It might be acceptable if we say Syriana is the portrait of what is actually going on in terms of oil crisis at the moment, the rising of China and the vest interested of the US toward Middle East’s oil.

I went to Jamal to the movie tonight. We had much discussion about it; oil, US’ power, the rising of China and the Middle East (Islam). We really enjoyed that movie. We discussed it much and beyond that; the world of 2020. It’s another Core Issue of APLP, I guess.:D But yes, I recommend this movie to be watched by next generation of APLP. It’s interesting how the movie shows US keeps controlling the oil, to keep its power over middle east, the competition with China and how US takes very risky ways in order to keep its power, to keep getting benefit from the countries and at the same time to cultivate the hatred toward US itself. They called it terrorism, anyway but when they killed other people for the sake of the oil (greedy businessman) they don’t call it terrorism.

Again, there is always few good people there too who are very often being victims for their generous purpose for their people.

One of the interesting things, when thing deals with power, brotherhood is not recognized there. I mean brother kills brother. When deals with this power, people can do anything.

We reached dorms by 12:30 a.m.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Relaxing for a while

The Beauty of Hawai'i

These whole days are just relaxing doing nothing. I just went to gym couple times and I’m planning to go there often. Then, I had potlatch here again. I don’t really know if they really like it but all the comments said the meal I served was just great. They said they like it. Thanks god then if that’s right. Talking about potlatch, I find the way food sharing here in that way. I’m not pretty sure if this American’s style but it could be. Well, talking about food sharing in every culture, we might find it. I don’t know. In Indonesian context for example, yes we have that kind but not really like here. Food sharing is always a token for a friendship or being family. Well,.. I don’t know.

I think there is a little bit change on my plan. And that’s good. I mean I’m very lucky to have scenario A, B, C and so on. This is what I always talk to Jamal when we have talkings. Well, my previous plan is to pursue my degree in Europe in 2006. I’m preparing it and the only problem is I can’t get my transcript and diploma translated in English in this December meanwhile the deadline is the December 31st. Well, of course, it’s not as planned. I mean the arrival of the documents is beyond my power and that’s it. Then, that means I have to come to the next plan, to the next scenario of B. The scenario B is to send all the application in 2006 and starts the school in 2007 instead of starting in 2006. The advantages of this change is I have more time at least for 1 year more to be in Indonesia to do more things for my organization and for all other plans.

Today, I did not do much. I still have problem of going to bed early here and very often I get up at 2 p.m. Man… I don’t know what happen actually. It’s not longer jet lag. It’s a habit. But yes, I like working at night. I don’t know why but I think this is habit. It’s not good though but still finding best ways how to make things ‘normal’ again.

I tried to go to starbuck but it’s closed. Well, it was 12 midnight already.:D

By the way, Pak Terry sent email regarding the reference letter I ask for him. I hope before he leaves to mainland, I can get the reference letter.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sayonara Starts Tonight

Well… finally…. Yeah, after all, I’ve completed my study here in APLP. Well, still have few left such as Asia Field Trip but you can say that’s more less as an additional but still important though. At least, class matters ended yesterday after the Crow’s Nest and intorduction of Thailand and Cambodia today. I’ve done my portofolio too. What a relief after all..

Tonight was farewell party at Elks. Talent showed as usual was always fun. A lot fun tonight but we missed some. Sou Yan was little bit sad due to Adriana was leaving and actually tomorrow she’s leaving to Soul too. Catherine is leaving too. Many people are leaving. Yeah, it will be quiet for a while at least until 30th of this month.

I checkd the tonight after the arriving at dorms and found that we lost for the local election. Yeah, well.. it’s little bit sad. But I can’t blame anybody so far. We’ve done my best. At least on my part, I’ve done what I should have. It’s not easy though.

Well, at least I can now arrange things in head clearly at the moment. Shahin called me tonight. Taking a while not hanging around with this buddy. Actually, I’m little bit afraid of giving him a call not want to disturb his final exams. But I think tomorrow we’ll go hanging again. We might go to gym.

Time for myself....; for exercise, for tatooing, for exploring o'ahu, for NOHA application, for learning the new software about accounting, for beer too.


Sunday, December 11, 2005


Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.'
Dr Seuss

Going Home

My Home Island; Nias

It’s getting closer to come home

These days seem mello. Is it because I will leave Hawai'i soon? Or something else? My mind is just full occupied by many things. Or is it as what Emilio said last night just because we are in the transition? Is that so? Hmm I don’t know.. but I just fell mello these days. Yeah, but finally, after 5 months, I will say good bye to Hawai'i and all the fellows. They are just great.

Actually, I’m lucky to have opportunity to study here. It’s just beautiful experiences for my life so far. This will be a turning point in my life. Yup, it is. And know I urge to come home. There are a lot things to do there. I miss my home although I’ve just come home last month. I don’t know. After all, I will say, I miss it.

For the break, I will spend my days to explore Oahu. I need to know Hawai'i before saying good bye. These last 5 months were just so tied up. And in the 30th we will leave for Cambodia and Thailand. Another beautiful journey, I belief. Then, my plan is to go home straight away from Bangkok. Coming back here to Honolulu is not my choice and besides, as I said, I really miss home to go back to work for the people I work for.

I miss my office

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quo Vadis

One of the fishermen boats than can be used anymore after the disaster

It took me a while not to post anything. There are too much in mind anyway. Where do I start? Hmmm.. Jet lag, perhaps. I’m not pretty sure if the jet lag what I feel now is the real jet lag or just assumption of mine who very often can’t sleep at night and then justifying that condition with Jet Lag. But somehow, I think I did a mistake when I arrived here in Honolulu on 27 morning and went to sleep right away. I should keep myself awake until the night here and then went to bed. I still feel very sleepy at that time I should sleep there. I did not feel much jet lag in Indonesia after arriving there. The reason perhaps was when I arrived there and I kept my self awake until the night time there. I think I should have done the same thing when I arrived here on the last 27 Nov. Anyway, sooner or later, it won’t be a problem anymore. That’s what I believe.

But I know the good tips for long travel by plane now. The tip is Red Wine. What I mean is when you want to have a long travel; you better have red wine before and after meal and then you will fall asleep as you like. You will not even feel much that you have spent your time for already 10 hours in the plane. I think that’s the best tip that I experienced when I flew from Taiwan to Honolulu.

On the way coming back to Hawaii, my mind was full occupied by the question “Quo Vadis LPAM”? After being there for almost two weeks, there were lot things in mind. I went to the field; Alasa and Tagaule and found interesting point. First of all, the project of school reconstruction run though it was not as planned. But still good. Going to Bozihona to see the boat making for Tagaule villager inspired me to help fully the villagers, to focus on that area.

Hey your application for Master NOHA

Return to Hawaii and plan to have regular exercise and eat more, exploring Hawaii, tattoo making, and what else?