Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Coming Step by Step

I’ve just got the email from Wageningen. It's good news and I have to prepare better before depaturing. It will be the November though but I wish to spend also another two or three weeks visiting ISS or other european countries or perhaps spending my day off in Asia; Cambodia or Soul or Manila? We'll see..

And the fund from London is coming too. We're so excited. There'll be a celeberation this week. We prepare things better though. Aruni from London is coming at the end of this May as well. It gonna be lovely days. She's smart and there would be a lot discussions with her. She's humble too. We love to have guest visiting us.

I was thinking of buying my new guitar here. My guitar left in Medan and I don't want to bring it here. Oh yea, another one, it seems bicyling is a fun one. Also more exercises.. i'm thinking of going for swimming regularly. Swimmng on the sea is always great. Oh yes, snorkling equipments. I have to buy it this month too. I'll have juicy life, man...

Hey, it's always good to find any news from you.. Love it and I don't know how long this feeling will last.. I don't know...

India Pics Left

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

feel gloomy

I feel gloomy. Things just inside my head and thinking of you. I often sense this. good news is coming. Hopefully it’ll be sooner.

Gagri Panchayat

Palace on hill

Cow is everywhere

another cow

Jantar Mantar

City Palace of Udaipur

Beautiful Lake

of the orners in New Delhi


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

India at Glance through Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar; Protesting Site
People Action 2007

One of the town corners of New Delhi

Strong Women in Village of Gagri, Udaipur, Rajastan

Beautiful View of India Village, Udaipur, Rajastan

Much Contemplation

Kid's always amazing

Visiting India was just kind of eye-opener with a lot new perspectives and reflection. It was extremely different from the last year’s visit to Japan. It was a kind of two incredibly situations.

Arriving at 19 March at
9 pm local time, first impression was that the way of people driving vehicles that was so hurried with the horns every second and driving was kind of fighting if you could say so.

The next day 20 March, we visited Christian Aid India Office. Here I got brief perspective about India at general; poverty, SEZ (Special Economic Zone), dalit, adivasi, caste issues and little about tsunami programs.

On 21 to 22 March, I attended the Gender Training held by Jagori at CNI (Church of North India). All the participants are the CA partners Delhi based and we the four participants from Indonesia’s partners (me from LPAM, Lily from YTBi, Natalia from YEU and Linda from PKPA). Facilitators, Sheema and Malini from Jagori, were smart. The training was very participatory. We draw the conclusion that from the deprived groups, woman was at the bottom of the bottom line. The other days was exploration of how the patriarchy system put stigma, stereotype to woman and how in micro level (within organization) could fight for this gender equality.

The other day, 23 March was visiting three CA’s partner offices; SEEDS, JAGORI and HRLN (Human Rights Law Network).

It was actually from Malini and Sheema that I knew the information about Jantar Mantar. Previously, there was a sort of people's meeting supported by HRLN named People Tribunal but I missed that as it was held on 21 to 22. But I promised myself that I would not miss this opportunity to attend the People Action 2007 Meeting. Sheema explained little bit about that and handed me the brochure of the action.

In spite of spending the weekends visiting Taj Mahal like others two; Lily and Linda, I and Natalia planned to visit Jantar Mantar on the Saturday. We arrived there and at the whole spot were protesting banners. I tried to sense the bottom line of India if you could say so. There I found the People Action 2007. The issues raised were varied, community displaced on the behalf of development, right for natural resources, SEZ (Special Economy Zone), child labor and employment, communal prejudice, discrimination and so on.

It was a kind of mix feeling to sit and join the protesters. There was a kind of feeling that I had to stay longer there and it recalled my memories of my past. Yeah, it’s been long time I didn’t organize that kind of and suddenly I just feel comfortable despite the smell of the cow and things. They were from the villages with their families and staying there for couple days. the songs they sung although I didn’t understand the meaning but the songs gave them spirit and it touched me.

Jantar Mantar was a spot eye-opener for me to see the India at glance especially to see what the Indian colleague’s fighting for. I'll be back someday.. It's fabolous.