Monday, October 24, 2005

Washington, Here We Are

Washington, Here Am I.
First Day

Arriving here in Washington DC this morning at 9:20 after 1 hour transit in Chicago, O’Hare Airport. It was light raining and cold. I really excited and instead of wearing my jacket I only wore the t-shirt. I just wanted to feel the air of Washington and yes I felt fresh. On the way to Hotel, I saw Capital State and White House. In the cold weather people have activity on the field and beach. Slightly, Washington was interesting. Soon after we checked in at DuPont Circle Hotel, I unpacked my clothes and taking shower. Peter checked the TV service and its connection into his camcorder. We soon than headed for lunch while some other were still in lobby waiting for their room’s availability.

We had lunch at a Thai Resto after taking a walk after a while. I found that Washington is far different from the Hawaii. Well, people here don’t not really obey all the traffic rules; nor the walker neither the driver. It’s far different from the Hawaii in which where you wait all the traffic sign before you move. Horns are usual. Here, people just cross the read even though the sign do not allow them yet. Yeah.. The people here are also very diverse. If Hawaii are diverse by Asian and Western, here more Western and international.

Washington is a different one. I went to Soho, a café corner here and I found interesting there. On Saturday and Sunday the let people smoking there. Lesbian are there hanging around and it seems like that’s okay. Man, never found this place in Hawaii. They have café and free wireless internet café. I went there couple times this day. I really like it. And I really feel that I like the life of big city just like here. I don’t go yet to New York but I can imagine that I like that kind of life, a city life. It makes you alive man…

Soon after from Soho, I saw Aleyamma, Monique and Sheena arrived. They left the plane but fortunately they arrived here now.

In the afternoon then I had a sms from my staff. Another problem in my home country. He reported me two couple important things. First it’s about the visiting of Frans the Director of TdH and Philips Man. They will visit Nias in the middle of November to see how the project they funded going on. I think they are satisfied for our works. And I’m thinking of going back to see them there. But again, I need deep thinking about it. I’m not pretty sure if I’m allowed by EWC for this or not. Secondly are my other suck board members. Two of them plus one. Turunan, Eman and Eli. I don’t understand these stupid ones. Eman and Eli get their salaries without doing anything and they still want to disturb us. They don’t even do anything for LPAM. But they pretend that they are the hero.. Man... Bullshit. Fortunately, Yuris, my Program Manger, convinced me that he can solve this problem. That’s good. It’s a kind of relief. I gave him a talk but 5 dollars phone card was ended and then I need to talk to him tomorrow again.

Jamal went by to our room and we had great conversation. I like this guy. He doesn’t talk air. He really proved what we discussed about solidarity among friend how to help Kitty and Basu to come here along as an Ohana (family). He took initiative to make the Promissory Note we signed and sent to EWC so the two of our friends can come along with us here now in Washington. I like this guy. He has idealism.



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Welcome to DC.

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