Sunday, September 30, 2012

been in love with james blunt songs these days. back to bedlam. i wonder how i came to this song. is it from my housemate talking about songs in one fine night and mentioned abt james blunt? dont know. but i then i found it in my music storage. it was just nice, the voice and lyrics.. i like the 'you're so beautiful'. just like connecting to someone i met these days. damn. she's just beautiful. simply beautiful and that's all..  unlike the lyrics in the song saying meeting in a subway, it is somewhere here though. but you know you're not going any point further. exactly. that's what the song is all about. that's the point of all if you like. 

good songs of blunt though. but i also know that it might be replaced by other songs which i dont know in the future. yeah, just like before blunt, this awesome guy michael buble with his 'home' song occupied me all the time long. i think it's simply because i was trying to find out what 'home' is for me. i was at the stage of searching of what 'home' is. that's the point. home that refers not to a particular place but its also about someone.... it's about someone, it's about home. your soul mate if you like..

yeah, that's the mello side of me. simply because my 'rap' side of me never dies... eminem.

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