Tuesday, October 18, 2011

october. mid october precisely. and news, not in the mainstream ones, talking about revolution. and i'd like to say that occupy wall street gets important attention, yet experienced blackout from mainstream media particularly in comparison with the street movement of arab spring.

anyway, the message is clear i suppose. there must be a middle way; neither capitalism in which greediness takes its rightousness nor communism in which freedom is oppressed. and there is a cry for socialism as well. well, only time decides what the right way is. but i suppose people fed up with the dominant system where 1 percent of the whole population controls the rest is not fair for sure. the problem is how not perpetuate this inequality and injustice.

and the surpising thing is in terms of development discourse, the debate on the role of multi-national corporations and its impacts either a positive distribution to economic growth in which tackle poverty and injustice or perpetuation of the inequality is quite limited. that what i felt last year when i try to articulate myself on this issue. i just wonder at that time how mnc was not much discussed. well,...

by the way, i've been trying hard not to complain about the weather here whatever it would be but trying to enjoy it in different ways.

and october, i have few weeks more and more about my work about Fair Trade before conducting field work in the next january in ghana.

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